Minggu, 15 April 2012

In commemoration of Mother's Day Speech

Attend and our presence and Gentlemen,Mothers we love,
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.Best wishes and congratulations and happy to attend a religious presence in addition to Islam.Pertama all together let the audience thanking Allah for the blessings given to us all, that by His grace we are able to gather together for the umpteenth time , especially in the morning and graced the occasion of the "Mothers Day".
Furthermore, let us pray our gratitude to God for the strength given to us especially to my mother, who until today have not lost the spirit of the catch as well as practice the values ​​embodied in the wisdom of "Mother's Day" which we commemorate together with mothers in all areas of this beloved Indonesia.
Attendees are precious, especially the mother.The role of mother in the present seems increased. At the same time, the more severe are the challenges we face. But as a great nation, then we must agree to never give up, never retreat and never complained. All the challenges of everyday life as a delicacy to be dealt with patience and full consciousness.
In the midst of an increasingly sophisticated technology, the mothers also feel, how great is its impact on our families. The responsibility of a mother is faced with various problems, a wide range of challenges, many bntuk problems, even the Father of the problem had already become the most important problem of the mother. It appealed to the mother, do not belittle the role of Mr. Mom. Seban is like a bird without a mother will never be flying smpurna. Like a bird flying will never be strong.
The mother should also be aware that with this uphill task now must remain alert to the responsibilities of life. Mother's responsibility now is not just limited to the responsibility of the kitchen and the bed alone. More than that it was time the mother helps the father, if you need to help Mr. duty outside the home, at work even if it is also necessary on the battlefield.
Ladies and noble course, we also keep out the limit. Do not interfere in our affairs which is not. But remains cautious. When we can help, when we are obliged to help and when we take a stand against the father. Everything that we do to maintain its image as a mother. An image of the personality must bersummber nation, a nation that is a noble personality, the personality of Pancasila and the Constitution of '45.
In running the daily tasks may Allah Almighty is with us. Much remains to be done. There is still much unfinished. Good luck, good running errands, to the family reached a happy, prosperous family in the Ridla Allah SWT. Amen ..
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our way, sorry if we have said words that are less pleasing to the audience as well.
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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